Nowadays, the Internet is an essential part of people’s life. Without the internet, everything will be slow down. With the help of the internet, each and every country has to provide their people’s problems and also it is the quickest way to learn new things around the world. But Today I’m not going to talk about the “Internet”. In this article, I’m going to write about a new tiny internet service powered by Indian digital program which is called CSC (Common Service Centre) It is a service where you can access some internet services. And you can easily provide those services to the common people of India. So without wasting time, Let’s talk about CSC (Common Service Centre).

What is CSC (Common Service centre)?

CSC, the full name of CSC is Common Service Centre. It means A service centre where you can provide some essential online services to the common people of his/her daily life. And by doing this, you can easily earn a minimum of Rs. 30000-50000 per month. I think you thought, How is it possible? What are the services of CSC, where I can earn Rs. 30000-50000 per month. And How to get that. All the questions you thought about CSC has mentioned below. Read this article to the last to know everything about CSC (Common Service centre).

What are the Services of CSC?

Almost 324 Services are now available in CSC Portal. And those services are categorized into these below-mentioned services.

  • Aadhaar
  • Agriculture
  • BBPS
  • Education
  • Election
  • Electricity
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Skills
  • Telecom
  • Travel
  • Utilities
  • Water
  • eStore

Those services are divided into locations or states. There are 3 Lakhs (Appx) common service centres in India and 2 Lakhs (Appx) are currently running or active. Here are some of the most popular services in CSC given below:

Aadhaar Card Enrollment, Voter ID Verification/Correction, Ayushman Bharat Card, Atal Amrit Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Mandhan Yojana, IRCTC Train, Flight and Bus Tickets booking, Jeevan Praman Patra Online Application, Free Online skill development Course for Students and many more.

How to get a Common Service Centre (CSC)?

To get a Common Service Centre, You have to register first your details on CSC Official registration website, But before that, make sure that you have required data and locations to complete the CSC registration form. Here are the basic requirements of CSC registration:

  • You should have an Indian Citizen.
  • You should have a minimum of 12X12 sq ft. Room.
  • You should have a minimum of 2 Computers (Desktop or laptop).
  • And also You should have a printer where you can print color and black and white documents as well as photos.
  • Also, you have one fingerprint scanner.
  • And most important you must have Aadhaar Card to complete the CSC registration details.

If you have the above mention equipment or details then you are eligible to open a CSC centre at your village or district.

How to Register at CSC to open a CSC Centre?

To open a CSC centre you have register first at their official website Here in this paragraph, I have mentioned how to register at CSC to open a CSC centre in the step by step. So let’s get started…

  • STEP-1: Visit Here To go the direct page of CSC Registration form
    At the top menu bar, You will see APPLY Option Click that Option
    After Clicking, You will see another option “NEW REGISTRATION” Click it now.
Must Enter Your Aadhaar Link Mobile Number here
  • STEP-2: After that, You will also verify your Email Address
  • Enter Your Valid or Active Email Address and verify it.
Enter Your Valid Email Address
  • STEP-3: You Should verify the Email Address by entering your Email OTP
Enter OTP to Varify the Email Address
  • STEP-4: After completion verification process you have put your personal details shown as below image.
  • Aadhaar Number is mandatory for all who want to be as VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur)
  • STEP-5: In this step, you have to verify your aadhaar link mobile number by selecting the OTP option.
  • After the Selection of the OTP option, you will need to select only the SMS option and click the GENERATE OTP button.
  • Enter your OTP which is already shown at your aadhaar linked mobile number.
  • And verify it.
  • STEP-6: Fill the all required details in this form and submit it
  • After submission, they will send an email will an Application reference number for further reference.
  • Through this Application reference number, you can easily check your CSC application status.
  • After that, the CSC office employee will verify your submitted details.
  • And after successful of the verification process, they will send a congratulation email at your given Email Address.

What is the Application Reference Number and How to Track Your CSC Application?

After successful registration of CSC, The user will get an application Reference number via email. To track your submitted CSC application you can use this reference no. So that you can update with your current status of CSC Application. Here is the process to track your application.

  • Visit the CSC Application Tracking page.
  • Enter Your Tracking Number of application Reference Number.
  • And then Click TRACK Option.
  • See the complete status of your submitted CSC application form.

What after getting a CSC ID?

The Answer is “WOW” After receiving CSC ID you can finally able to access CSC login Page which is called “Digital Seva Portal” and enjoy all active services against your new CSC ID. but before that, you have complete some few steps such as:

  • After getting approved message from CSC department link this
digimail image
  • It is a “digimail” credential email that comes after getting my CSC application for becoming a VLE.
  • Now, You have to click this link, and the page will be redirected to the digimail portal.
  • Enter your digimail ID and password to active your CSC ID as well as digimail.
  • after that, You will see an option reset your password.
  • Set a new Password.
  • That’s it, Your CSC ID and will be shown on your screen and your new password is the final password for CSC Login at the Digital Seva portal.

What is DIGIMAIL? What are the benefits of digimail?

digimail is a personal email address for each and every VLE’s. where you can directly contact through the CSC community via email. Also, you will receive new updates and new alert against your CSC ID as well as others.

  • Benefits: The benefits of digimail is to contact your superior through email and ask them about your question regarding CSC.
  • Always updated with new & latest services of CSC VLE’s
  • Also, You can easily contact your district manager via digimail.

CSC Login at Digital Seva Portal?

  • VISIT HERE to log in at digital Seva
  • Enter Your 12 digit CSC ID and Password
  • Click log in or connect.
  • That’s it, Now you are able to access the complete dashboard of Digital Seva.

Here is dashboard image of digital seva.

That’s all about basic information about CSC, I will update new & latest information relating to Common service center. If you get some actual knowledge on CSC then Please share this post to another. Thank You So much for visiting the the blog.